The integration of the whole of our offer on platform COOX, as powerful as easy to use, facilitates optimal use of  the development workshop. It results a new offer of effective training curses, often shorter and modular, which guarantee your productivity. These curses are declined in modules enabling you to select by the menu the fields which you wish to look further into.

ORDINAL Software is an Authorized Training Center.

COOX MES software training

Duration : 35 hours (5 days)

Targeted audience :

This training is aimed at industrial IT engineers and technicians.


Knowledge of industrial IT


Educational goals:

  • Learn about the principles of COOX
  • Familiarize yourself with the new development tool
  • Know the main steps to build a COOX application
  • Know the main concepts to configure / customize a COOX application

Training program:

  • Creation and architecture of a project
  • Modeling of supervision equipment
  • Description  of the installation
  • Event and alarm log
  • Daya recording and visualization in the form of curves
  • Simulation
  • Scripting approach
  • Deployment


Educational goal:

  • Know the main steps to build a COOX application
  • Understand the interest of the QPI module for performance analysis
  • Define the causes of shutdowns and rejects
  • Configure the operating views for reporting shutdowns and rejects
  • Know all the indicators available in the QPI MESbox

Training program:

  • List of available indicators
  • Configuration of shutdowns and rejects
  • Declaration of shutdowns and rejects
  • Indicators view


Educational goal:

  • Understand the interest of the PMT module for the management of manufacturing 





  • Be able to model (create / modify) phases (elementary operations) and manufacturing procedures / ranges
  • Knowing how to manage the production of a continuous or semi-continuous process, either:
    - By Launching phase on an autonomous device
    - By launching work orders on a set of equipment
  • Know how to generate and use a manufacturing history   


  • General of ISA 88
  • Procedural part 
  • Physical part
  • Phase modeling and dialogue with API
  • Creation / Execution of a WO
  • Batches history


Educational goal:

  • To be able to set up the MTG module on a set of production machines, that is to say:
  • To be able to monitor the materials of an installation
  • To be able to generate ascending and descending genealogy reports

Training program:

  • Different types of traceability
  • Modeling of material flows within an equipment
  • Modeling examples
  • Business components of the MTG module
  • Implementation of a complete example

Educational and technical means

  • Reception of trainees in a room dedicated to training
  • Training support documents distributed (theoretical courses, practical exercises in paper and electronic format and software installations with keys valid throughout the training period)
  • Exchanges with trainees and assessment of their knowledge in industrial IT (supervision, MES and automation)
  • Presentation of the training content and its distribution over time
  • Development of the course and explanation of the practical exercises linked to each chapter
  • Completion of exercises and correction by the trainer

System for monitoring the execution of training results:

  • Attendance sheets 
  • Evaluation forms for each chapter of the training
  • Practical exercises

Joint lunch with the trainer

Please bring your PC with you

Price: €3740


Trainer's name: Fadhila NAIT DJOUDI

The training location is accessible to disabled people, a person will be present on site to welcome and install you in the meeting room.