CODRA Group's presence internationally

Primary objective of CODRA group is to support their customers' sites internationally and to develop the company by opening local distributors.
Its long-term ambition is to cover all time zones.

International implantations

A strategy that has been proven for 30 years

réseau international

For nearly 30 years, ORDINAL Software has chosen to focus exclusively on its publishing business by adopting an indirect sales strategy through a vast national network of integrator partners, with a strong presence in France and also abroad. This strategy allows the network of our partners to offer a great added value to our customers and allows to propose solutions integrating business and organizational specificities of each company. The business dimension is then provided by the partner who relies on the COOX platform to deploy customized applications. Through their subsidaries or their secondary establishments, our partners are present all over the world and allow ORDINAL Software to benefit from a real influence abroad.

COOX: an offer designed for the international

The core-model technology of COOX, which supports multi-lingual models, allows a significant gain in project implementation time and is particularly suitable for multi-site projects. Thus, in the COOX solution of ORDINAL Software, all similar equipement in an installation uses the same model. A tank, for example, integrates several facets: graphic parts, operations such as heating and miwing, the traceability of these operations, taking into account material transfers, and performance measures as OEE. Each facet is defined by parameterization, even if the capabilities of the model can be expanded programmatically. The model definition conforms to the ISA-95 standard and is only done once, even if there are dozens of devices of the same type.

Compared to other solutions, COOX brings a real added value. All the know-how built into the models can be directly reused. In addition, the COOX solution works on the company's intranet and allows for a single application the use of multiple clients in a different language. Coox also highlights with its latest version 7.02 on multilingual capacity building including the extension of the multilingual parameter. Finally, remember that the COOX solution designed in 100% Java allows to develop applications that support all languages of the Java platform, ie 186 languages!
Many advantages to settle down and adapt easily to any local environment, whether in France or abroad!