COOX 8 new version

COOX 8 video - new version

The new COOX 8 version combines all the advantages to allow you to control your process with flexibility and precision.
The functional improvements cover all areas and include in particular: 

- Entry of optimized stops and rejections
- Detailed analysis of indicators and real-time performance monitoring
- Digitalization of assisted operations
- New customisable app template
- Manual or automatic operations' traceability

COOX 8 also offers access to the latest innovations in terms of digitalization of operations with multimedia contextual help for operators. Of course, the fundamentals of COOX such as the systematic traceability of both manual and automatic operations and the modeling of installations are always required.

MESbox PMT (Production/Quality Management & Traceability)

The MESbox PMT pack combines compliance with the latest  ISA-88 et ISA-95 standards, compliance with requirements such as FDA 21CFR11, with efficient execution of operations and flexibility of adaptation to processes.
The customizable ergonomics of the control components bring immediate efficiency to both line operators and operations managers.
The modeling of the process allows the definition of nomenclatures / formulations and production steps of the products independently of the physical installation and automation. Each production recipe is associated on the one hand with a nomenclature and on the other hand with a procedure.
Production orders can be imported from the ERP or directly created and can be associated with an operating route.
Thanks to detailes planning, they are tracked (in production or planned) in table or graphic form. 
For each production order, the states of the current stages are displayed in real time.
The differences between planned and actual dates and durations appear immediately.
The work of operators is facilitated by ergonomic and intuitive interfaces for carrying out manual or semi-automatic operations(assistance of a plan, of a video...),and the operations are systematically traced with identification of the operator(batch file).
A control plan can be established with the list of checks and compliant checks.

MESbox MTG (Material Tracking & Genealogy)

The MESbox MTG pack allows the rapid implementation of immediate product traceability of a very high level.
It reconstructs in real time the journey of batches of raw materials and products in your installation. The products are automatically located, and we immediately know their progress with time stamping and batch tracking.
If a quality control reveals a defect in a raw material (descending genealogy) or in a batch of delivered product (ascending genealogy), the MESbox MTG pack is able to instantly deliver all the information which will make it possible to react quickly and remedy the problem.

MESbox QPI (Quality Performance & Indicators)

Quickly set up, the MESbox QPI pack ensures data collection in automatic or manual mode through a simple user interface.
Its user-friendly analysis means are accessible from any point on your intranet and allow you to quickly identify new sources of productivity in your process.
The high level of performance of the COOX platform provides the operations manager with real-time visibility into its operation and allows the implementation of an optimized visual management. Standard indicators or your own indicators appear on a real-time dashboard. They can be broken down, analyzed over a given period, filtered automatically and provide relevant information on the distribution of outages, operating times, etc.
The QPI mesbox provides the operator with an ergonomic, fully customizable interface for stops, rejections and causes.

Automated conversion of COOX 7.XX applications

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