MES software for the Plastics Industry

Plastics - Rubbers - Composites

The plastics industry, the rubber industry and the composites industry occupy a preponderant place among the other industries: packaging is essential for the food industry, shrink films necessary for transport, plastic, rubber and comosite products for the construction, aeronautics or automotive.
But with the current problems in terms of pollution, this sector must reinvent itself. Faced with a very strict legislative framework, manufacturers must manufacture products with new standards and face growing global demand.                                                                                           

The COOX MES solution was designed to support this sector in this transformation.

Industrie du plastique

Optimal flexibility and productivity imposed by the market

Plastic has many advantages (price, lightness, ease of implementation, durability, etc.), but the main challenge for this sector today lies in the integration of recycled products and the use of new processes to fill the shortage of food PET announced for 2025.

The rubber sector faces similar challenges with a very strong dependence on transport (automotive, aeronautics) leading these industries to seek to diversify. Control of the process, the key to productivity and quality, as well as great flexibility are therefore essential.
The COOX solution provides optimal flexibility and ensures efficient execution of operations. With compliance with the latest developments in the ISA88 and ISA95 standards, it guarantees the manufacturer flexibility in adapting to processes. The execution of tasks by the operators is facilitated, the systematic traceability of the raw materials and the process is ensured: the manufacturer controls the production process and can meet market expectations.

Quality monitoring and compliance checks

The plastics, rubber and composites industry will also have to support the automotive sector towards decarbonization and produce new acoustic materials for electric cars.
Products must be efficient and effective.
Quality, an essential component of production monitoring, is a cross-functional function that operates from the reception of raw materials to the delivery of products.

With COOX's QPI (Quality & Performance Indicators) module, you get instant and real-time quality and performance rates.
Quality controls are carried out at several levels and contribute to continuous improvement. COOX allows the operator to achieve his objectives (respect of production rates), without compromising on the quality of the products.

Production orders' management

Manufacturing orders, generally imported from the ERP, will allow manufacturing to be sequenced, depending on the orders to be delivered. They can be launched manually or automatically and suspended at any time and then resumed.
Thanks to COOX, to respond effectively to unforeseen global demand sometimes outside its usual markets, the manufacturer will be able to accelerate the pace, launch manufacturing orders continuously and in parallel: COOX optimally allocates the resources for each work order task and manages their simultaneous execution.

Planning – Scheduling– Detailed planning

Because the plastics, rubber and composites industry supplies other industries, it is essential to have visibility of the quantity to be produced in real time in order to control its production and guarantee that deadlines are met with customers.
With COOX's PMT (Production/Quality Management & Traceability) module, you can track all production or planned production orders and be immediately alerted in the event of a discrepancy between the planned dates and durations and those actually carried out.

Assistance to operators

COOX allows the sequence of automatic, semi-automatic or manual operations. The operator is guided in the execution of his tasks by the display of the sequence of operations with their state of realization and by the integration of associated media: plans, photos, videos.