Video: new version 8.10 of the MES COOX software

We announced it to you a short time ago, the new version 8.10 of the MES COOX software is now available. Come and discover in this short video, the essentials of its new functions accompanied by a change of look that will make people envious!
So today, we are revealing a little more information on the new features that have been integrated into this version 8.10 and in particular : 

- IPS new extension (Improved Planning & Scheduling) of the MESbox PMT
- LBM new extension (Labor Management) of the MESbox PMT
- Genealogy graph functionality with intelligent algorithmic placement (MESbox MTG)
- New nomenclature model coupled with recipes
- Extension of container properties : parent-child relationship
- Extension of inheritance capabilities on materials
- Many improvements of the MESbox QPI module
- New icon set across business components and graphical improvements
- ...