SCADA & MES industrial software's editor for almost 30 years

Based on the experience gained since 1989 and constantly listening to new technologies, ORDINAL Software, a software developer is always offering its customers innovative, high-performance software solutions to support them in their approach of continuous improvement.
To respond in real-time to increasingly demanding regulations, to control its process and to achieve a real industrial performance, ORDINAL provides its customers with the essential tools to an accomplished production follow-up, guaranteeing them an irreprochable quality and traceability. 

ORDINAL officially joined the CODRA group on July 2022, with the common ambition to build a consistent and independent software for the industry, as an alternative to that of automation manufacturers and American publishers.
Both French publishers, actors of the French Fab, our companies operate on the same economic model.
Indeed, from the outset, the choice was made to operate according to an indirect sales strategy, through a network of system integrator partners with a strong worldwide presence.
We can now together rely on more than 250 integration partners: the guarantee for our respective customers to benefit from business skills, availability and proximity.

A single watchword: complementarity!

Market complementarity

The ORDINAL and CODRA markets are very complementary.
ORDINAL, with its COOX MES offer, has a very strong focus (around 90%) on industry, while CODRA, with its Panorama offer, covers a wider scope (Nuclear, Energy, Defence, BMS, FM, Transport  & Infrastructure, Water, etc.).

Moreover, this complementarity is found in the size of the firms addressed by the two companies: ORDINAL has historically been present with SMEs & Mid-Size Companies and CODRA, mainly present in public markets and with major accounts.

Geographic complementarity

We also find this complementarity from a geographic point of view: ORDINAL is present in Asia (China) and in North America with its subsidiary OSNA (ORDINAL Software North America) and CODRA has a subsidiary in the United Kingdom and in Africa.

Functional complementarity

Finally, functional complementarity since ORDINAL's focus on the MES offer perfectly complements CODRA's Supervision offer.
The two companies were made for each other!

An offer at the service of digital continuity

Through the dissemination of all Industry 4.0 technologies, the MES is in the heart of the digital transformation of production sites and is set for strong growth.
The convergence of the ORDINAL/CODRA offers will make it possible to support each of our respective customers in their digital transformation towards Industry 4.0 but also to respond effectively to all the challenes facing us today:

  • Human issues: with the difficulties we are currently encountering in recruiting, and capatalizing on everyone's skills and know-how;
  • Societal and Sovereignty issues by being more competitive, more efficient and by providing an effective response in terms of cybersecurity;
  • Environmental and energy issues by strengthening France's energy independence, protecting the environment, preserving public health while fighting against global warming.

Solutions integrating cutting-edge technologies

Today, with the COOX range, perfectly integrated and modular, ORDINAL brings to its customers a coherent, robust, scalable and perfect solution adapted to the industry 4.0. Its core-model approach allows substantial gains in terms of deployment, standardization of developments and facilitates the interface with third-party software.
Finally, in accordance with ISA-95 and ISA-88 standards and using web technology, developed in perennial languages (Java, Javascript), ORDINAL Software solutions meet absolutely the needs and requirements of your production.
ORDINAL's solutions, which have become a significant player in the supervision and the MES, are installed worldwide thanks to an extensive international networks of certified partners.