MES Solution for Other Industries

For all other industries (such as mining, quarry operations, oil and gas extraction, construction, transportation and warehousing) and other organizations (education, research, public services, etc.), an MES solution like COOX offers a rapid response to the specific features and needs of each business sector.

In continuous processes, production units are dedicated to a single product, with very little variation in their production parameters. Production then launches, non stop, for several days, weeks or months. As a result, industries like refineries and basic chemicals need an MES tool that can track their quality and performance aspects in "slices" of time.

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That same tool can also manage transitional phases between products, to determine compliant ranges as accurately as possible.

In an industrial context with little flexibility and substancial investment costs, strong automation through MES software will, first and foremost give any industrialist a quick ROI. In continuous process industries, production is managed by anticipation (in advance). Production operations are coordinated by the various equipement, which is connected to one another with a product "feed-through," and automation is applied to - and between - every stage of production.

A solution like COOX can play a crucial role here: it can execute manufacturing of consistent products in a continuous flow, in a completely automated environment where the pursuit of productivity gains and improvements can be fully expressed.

Requisite performance analyses and quality management

Acquiring an MES tool like COOX, that can record parameters over the long term will give industrialists data with no time limits that can be exploited in real time to ramp up their industrial performance levels and achieve continuous improvements to production.
Industrialists are increasingly seeking to calculate indicators not only on a global level, but also by specific parameters (team, day, week, etc.) for their production facilities and manufactured goods. These indicators can be set up using the performance analysis module.

This approach can be supplemented by a statistical process control (SPC) designed for the early detection of any variations in the manufacturing process and to prevent any quality defects.

Features of your MES software

A real-time management MES tool, like the COOX range, is a must for anyone who wants to optimize their performance and productivity.

  • Views and management from anywhere on the intranet site
  • Automated generation of navigation between views
  • Physical or geographic equipment tree
  • Object-based approach and personalizable ergonomics
  • Alarm and measurement logs and recipe data sheets in a standard database
  • Support for all automation protocols (Schneider, Siemens, Rockwell, OPC, Applicom, TCP/Modbus, etc.) and all communications over TCP/IP and OPC
  • Graphic process modeling with no IT knowledge required
  • Detailed planning of manufacturing orders
  • Traceability of instructed and actual values, and batch files
  • Upward and downward product traceability (genealogy)
  • Automated traceability and presentation of results in summary or detailed form
  • Modeling of containers and material transfers
  • Tree view of process flows
  • Tracking of shop inventories of raw materials and products
  • Operation from any point on the intranet
  • Quality rate
  • Mean Time between failures (MTBF)
  • Mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Personalized indicators

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