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ORDINAL Software, french softwares editor intended for industry for more than 20 years, has known with the wire of time to optimize and refine his experiment, his know-how and his expertise in order to fulfill waitings and the specific requirements of certain branches of industry, and in particular agroalimentary industry.

Agrifood industries are subject to increasingly stringent requirements in terms of traceability (process traceability, raw materials, finished products, etc.). Many controls must be carried out (weight, temperature, pH, product quality...).

To be able to respond to the requiments of standards and guidelines applicable to manufacturing industries, they need a tool that can guarantee not only impeccable product quality, but also the complete traceability of their operations. MES software will be enable them to improve all of their production operations (production tracking, inventory management and quality optimization) and increase production by managing and fulfilling manufacturing orders, while helping operators to boost their efficiency.

For all other industries (such as mining, quarry operations, oil and gas extraction, construction, transportation and warehousing) and other organizations (education, research, public services, etc.), an MES solution like COOX offers a rapid response to the specific features and needs of each business sector.
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